Lights Out Festival: July 21st

The first ever Lights Out Music Festival takes place this Saturday in SoHo studios in Wynwood, Florida. The festival promises to be a one of a kind experience, “an unprecedented union between light and sound”. 

Headliners include: Felix Cartal, Felix da Housecat, RJD2 and Lucky Date.

The festival is also gonna feature a lot of up and coming DJs local and underground, from all over South Florida, to play for the attendees (Renegades of Funk anyone??). This is your chance to see them along with your favorite artists. It is an all day show, comprised of 30+ acts and a visual component of LEDs that’s sure to be a one of a kind sensory experience. 

With the new pricing of festivals averaging $100 a day, Lights Out is a lot lighter on your budget; their goal was to create this unique event but make it affordable as well: Tickets were $35 advanced but those quickly sold out. Dont worry though, Tickets for the show are available online now for $55, Prices will go up to $75 at the door. Don’t Miss it! 

Kaskade coming back to Miami.. @FIU

With all they hype from last week’s show barely over, a new wave of Kaskade-dom has taken over the Miami web as FIU (Florida International University) announced that Cobra Starship, B.o.B, and Kaskade were to be the artists for the FIU 2012 homecoming music event. 

Tickets will be available for students & to the public. 

Coachella announces December Cruise

Line up includes: Pulp, Yeasayer, Yacht,  + many more. 

What first started with Bruise Cruise, a sort of social experiment taking a bunch of punk bands out to sea on a luxury boat, soon caugh the attention of the music industry. Diplo’s record label, Mad Decent, started their first Holy Ship a year ago and it was a huge success, their second cruise now selling out half a year in advance. Are we seeing the beginning of a new way to enjoy live music? Perhaps. 

The thing about festivals on cruises is that they take out all the uncomfortable parts of festing- long bathroom lines, days- end without showering, limited access to good & healthy foods, long lines for water, sleeping in tents in 100 + degree weather- and wipes it all out. Leaving you with live acts and air conditioned rooms with all the ammenities when you deem necessary. Not to mention you get to travel the caribbean. There is no reason for these two cruises to not be successful As Holy Ship and Bruise Cruise have done, the boat will likely set sail out of South Florida. Unlike the other two fest cruises however, this one offers you the option of going to the Bahamas or Jamaica. All Aboard!

The Temper Trap Announce Tour

The Australian Indie band who became a sensation in the US with their “Sweet Disposition” (remember, 2 springs ago? ) when everyone from Swedish House Mafia to Pepsi Co. was playing them. But this band is no one-hit wonder, and they’ve demonstrated it with the many other great songs they have. THey have a new album out now, so check them out! And they’re not a bad act to catch live. Here are the tour dates:

Note: Miami’s show will take place at Grand Central

Kaskade July 14 2012 Miami, Fl

Kaskade, long-time EDM producer and legendary live DJ, took the stage at Bayfront Park Amphitheatre to a whopping 10,000 Freaks of Nature. Just days before his performance he tweeted: Just got the word on Miami. They are moving the stage to allow for another thousand tickets to be sold. How u like me now mofo’s. MIAMI!


Within 24 hours, those extra thousand tickets were out. It was no surprise then that Bayfront Park Amphitheatre was as packed as it had ever been, even more crowded than this year’s earlier Ultra Music Festival. With 10,000 people from all over Miami, the hype and anticipation for Kaskade was heavy, especially since his summer stop on last years Identity Fest was cancelled to due to the infamous Hurricane Irene (which never actually happened). Gates opened at 6:30pm. Got word that Miami’s own Panic Bomber was on early, doing a short but very sweet set. Around 8pm., Faroeh took the stage, throwing down a solid one-hour set and getting the crowd into a dancing mood. This was made easier by the fact that most of the people there were over-energized teenagers, half of whom exclaimed this was the first ‘rave’ they’d ever been to. To be honest, older fans most likely found themselves more comfortable at the after party at liv. Youthful energy accounted for, the crowd went crazy for Alvin Risk, who remixed top 40 hits like “We are young” by Fun.  and gave the kids what they loved: some Skrillex songs and dubstep mixes. Towards the end of his hour set he managed to weave in some moombahton and then slowed it down enough to where he sang a live performance of one of his songs. (*Personal bias*) his style wasn’t my taste, but I do admit that he did have a lot of variety in his set.

Although there were no breaks between the opening acts, there was a seemingly neverending hiatus between Alvin Risk and Kaskade. After about 15 minutes or so, he began, and, well, it was all you expected from him and more. Forget that Coachella set you downloaded, which he gave away for free (download it if you haven’t already!) there is nothing quite like seeing the man in person. Not only did he play a near 2 hour set consisting mostly of his own songs, the crowd interaction was amazing, and the visuals were quite impressive as well. The screen synchronized with the music, which could be heard for blocks around downtown Miami. Constellations through space, bobbing- dancing buildings, birds, and butterflies, all flashed behind him as he played. Kaskade is one of those DJs with the honest & rare ability of bringing together thousands of people, making them have a great time, and leaving behind nothing but a great memory of a great dance party. Although no one wanted him to end, he said his good byes and left the stage. And that’s when the rain began. The most refreshing rain that could happen upon a crowd of 10,000 at bayfront park. As Kaskade encored with “I Remember” the light shower continued, no confetti or dry ice was needed to add effect to the moment, and then, as suddenly as he began, the whole spectacle was over. Kaskade left his mark on Miami, and we cant’t wait for him to come back and give us more. After all, he loves this city: MIAMI that was just absolutely INSANE!!! thank you. -@Kaskade (via twitter).



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